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  1. Who is eligible to participate in NV Energy's A/C Rebates?

    NV Energy residential customers in our Southern Service Territory are eligible.

  2. Are all residential home types eligible to participate?

    Yes, single-family, multi-family, and manufactured homes are all eligible to participate.

  3. Who performs the services?

    All services are performed by licensed HVAC contractors that have been approved to participate in the A/C Rebates Program, and trained to provide the services and offer the instant rebates. These contractors are listed here.

  4. Is pricing for the services predetermined?

    No, pricing for services is determined by each participating contractor. However, the instant rebate amounts are then applied to their pricing to “instantly” reduce the cost of the service.

  5. Are there limitations on any of the instant rebate measures?

    Yes, the following limitations apply:

    • AC Improvement Measures - customer cannot have participated in the same measure in a previous NV Energy program in the last 8 years and the system must be operational at the time of service.
    • AC/Heat Pump Replacement Measures - existing system must have an EER of ≤ 8, be a minimum of 10 years old, and be replaced with a new unit with a minimum rating of 15 SEER. Customer cannot have participated in the same measure in a previous NV Energy program in the past 20 years.
    • Duct Testing & Sealing Measures - Duct Testing & Sealing Measures have reached the funding limitations and has closed.
  6. What if my home has multiple AC systems?

    Each system is eligible to participate in all instant rebate measures, provided each system meets the requirements for the individual measures.

  7. What if I own multiple homes?

    Multiple homes owned by the same NV Energy customer are eligible to participate.

  8. I'm a renter … can I participate?

    Yes, however you will need to acknowledge the owner's permission to participate in the Program, and you will need to pay the participating contractor for any services not covered by instant rebates.

  9. What do I need to provide when I call a participating contractor?

    You will need to provide the participating contactor with:

    • Your name
    • Your address
    • NV Energy account number*
    • NV Energy premise number*

    * Your participating contractor can help you locate your account and premise number from your monthly bill or MyAccount number.

The program's incentives and measures may be altered at any time, or terminated completely, due to limitation of funds.

Interested HVAC Contractors are welcome to call the A/C Home Services team toll-free at 888-987-2122 for program details.