Cool Share for Southern Nevada

Cool Share helps customers save money and helps NV Energy maintain a stable energy supply during times of peak demand.

Each of the 50,000 households participating in Cool Share plays a critical role in maintaining a reliable power supply during hot summer months and reducing the environmental impact of energy use through conservation.

In 2012 Cool Share customers saved 140 Megawatts of electricity – that's equivalent to the energy consumed by 19,000 homes.

Program Updates 

A new rebate plan is now in effect for existing Cool Share customers. The new plan offers active Cool Share customers more ways to save energy and earn rebates during times of peak demand. Here's brief summary of the benefits under the Cool Share Rebate Plan:

  • Enjoy a Fixed Summer Month Bill Credit – As an active Cool Share customer, you will receive a fixed monthly bill credit for each device in your home during the summertime (June-September).
  • Earn Energy Event Participation Rebates - Participation rebates during Energy Events are now awarded based upon your individual energy savings performance as measured by your smart meter and multiplied by the actual summer peak electricity prices.
  • Participation is Easy and Automatic – To fully take advantage of your Cool Share benefits and savings, make sure you participate in Energy Events and leave your thermostat settings alone during an event.

For more information about the new program benefits, please review this Cool Share Savings Guide FAQ.

Also, you may contact our customer service center at (702) 402-1111 or use this form on the FAQ page to ask questions.

No New Enrollments

Cool Share is closed to new customers and no longer accepting new enrollments.

How Cool Share Works

  • Cool Share Participants are given either a Digital Control Unit (DCU) or a programmable thermostat (Carrier, Honeywell UtilityPro, Honeywell ExpressStat). These devices allow us to initiate energy events during times of peak energy demand.

  • On days when the demand for electricity is peaking (typically the hottest days of summer) we send a signal to your thermostat or DCU. If you have a thermostat, the setpoint temperature will be increased 4 degrees during the energy event. If you have a DCU, the signal tells the compressors in your air conditioner to cycle on and off during the energy event. (View last year's calendar showing how many events took place.)

  • In your home the temperature may rise a little, but you'll still stay comfortable. Most Cool Share customers say they never even notice the change.

  • If a situation arises where you need to override the energy event, you can stop your air conditioner from going into conservation mode. However, not participating in events reduces your annual Cool Share rebate.

  • Please visit the Cool Share FAQ page for more detail on the program and how annual rebates are calculated.