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Did you know that 50% of your energy bill goes toward cooling & heating your home? But mPowered makes saving easy. In fact, it does all the work for you. The average home will save $100–$150 every year. Play the video for more information.

Making a Difference Together.

mPowered customers have saved over 5 million kWh since the program began from energy efficiency software and participating in energy events. That's equivalent to 262,000 new trees being planted or 310,000 gallons of gas saved! Click the info-graphic below for more information.

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mPowered plays a critical role in reducing the environmental impact of providing a stable power supply during hot summer months. In 2013, mPowered customers saved over 50 megawatts of electricity at peak times during energy events. This is one of the most cost effective and environmentally friendly ways to manage peak power demand in Southern Nevada.

Be in the Know.

Please check back here periodically for important program updates. We work on an ongoing basis to improve your mPowered home energy management service, and will offer additional features and options in the future.

New Mobile App - mPowered makes it easy to save energy from anywhere. Your new FREE mobile app for iPhone and Android is now available. We're giving you even more control on-the-go. Edit and create schedules, create and apply new personalized templates (for those special days), change your thermostat name, turn your fan on and your a/c off simultaneously, and now see your savings reports – all from your smartphone.

Website Upgrade – Haven't logged into the mPowered thermostat website recently? Click here to check it out. It's been upgraded to make it easier for you to create various schedules to fit your lifestyle.

Energy Event Participation Credits – mPowered customers earn participation credits for energy events based upon electricity market pricing and your actual energy savings during the events, measured by your smart meter. Think of your participation credit as a program dividend. You will see your credit on either your November or December statement.

Thank you for helping us do more for the environment, and for future generations. Please continue to enjoy your additional mPowered benefits, including programmable smart thermostats, professional installation, dedicated mPowered 24/7customer care, mobile access from anywhere, and year-round energy savings created by mPowered technology.

This past summer there were 23 short-duration Community Energy Events View the Event Calendar.

My mPowered Energy Savings – Many customers find the convenience provided by the mPowered smart thermostat and web services to be the biggest benefit of program participation. Customers save money in three ways by:

  • 1) Creating custom heating and cooling schedules online;
  • 2) Adjusting or even turning off their A/C when away from home;
  • 3) Benefiting from the unique and automated energy saving software that helps your A/C system operate more efficiently.

During the calendar year of 2013, third-party verification has shown that the average mPowered customer saved $100 in energy costs. That savings continues to grow with continued participation in mPowered. View a recent article about how the mPowered program is helping NV Energy customers save energy.

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