mPowered Home Energy Management

mPowered can help you lower your bills using advanced technologies and tools that enable you to use energy more efficiently. An added benefit of your participation is you also help reduce the load on Nevada’s electric grid during times of peak electricity demand when power is typically more expensive to buy and produce. This keeps costs down for everyone.

Comfort, Convenience and Savings

When you join mPowered, you will receive a smart thermostat designed to make your heating and cooling system operate more efficiently. Through a web-based software you can adjust your temperature settings from anywhere - on your computer or mobile device. The efficiency software makes automatic adjustments based on your customized comfort settings and current weather information. The average home can save up to 10-15% on monthly cooling costs.

Energy Smart Features

  • Automated - mPowered optimizes your home’s thermostat and heating/cooling system (HVAC) by learning your comfort preferences and adapting to how quickly your home warms up and cools down. It makes slight temperature adjustments based on changes in the weather and other factors to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system.

  • Personalized - Teach the system your temperature preferences and set schedules to suit how you live. The system continually learns and adapts to you and your home to keep you comfortable while saving energy - automatically.

  • Convenient - Make adjustments to your thermostat settings anytime, anywhere from your computer, smart-phone or tablet through our online portal or mobile application.

  • Savings Reports  - Track your energy savings, view your HVAC’s total runtime and even compare your usage to other homes through the online portal.

  • Participate in Energy Events - You can save even more and receive a rebate credit at the end of the year by participating in Energy Events initiated by NV Energy during the peak summer months.

The mPowered control panel.   The mPowered mobile screen.

What You Need

  • Central air conditioning

  • Broadband Internet access and router with an open port (NV Energy does not provide Internet access)

How Does it Work?

mPowered Quick Start Guide
mPowered Quick Start Guide
  • Eligible customers (must have broadband Internet access and central A/C) will receive an mPowered smart thermostat enabled with energy efficiency software at no charge. The new thermostat is installed with a gateway device that connects to your router and communicates with the energy efficiency software over the Internet..

  • Once the mPowered system is installed, you’ll have access to the online portal to set-up customized schedules and temperature settings. You can easily manage preferences and view savings reports from your computer or smart-phone.

  •  mPowered optimizes how your thermostat and heating/cooling system work by making slight adjustments to your HVAC runtime and temperature settings. mPowered finds ways to save energy and adapts based on individualized factors - like the thermal properties of your home, outside weather conditions, and your personalized comfort settings.

  • During the peak summer months, on days when the demand for electricity is at its highest, NV Energy will occasionally initiate Energy Events. A signal is sent to your thermostat to increase the setpoint temperature up to 4 degrees. These events are optional and help reduce power consumption and electricity load to ensure a stable energy supply. By participating, you can earn Rebate Credits that get applied to your bill at the end of the year.

What's included?

mPowered includes the following equipment and service ($299 value):

  • Free smart thermostat and gateway device
  • Free energy efficiency software*
  • Free installation

Get mPowered

Sign-up now (using MyAccount)** to see if your home is eligible for this mPowered program. Together with common-sense approaches like increasing energy efficiency in your home, making energy-smart purchases, setting your thermostat at Energy Star-recommended temperatures, and living in a way that includes conserving without sacrificing comfort, mPowered gives you the ability to lower your bill – on your own terms. And remember, your participation counts - the small changes you make at home have a big impact on our community.

You're more than informed. You're mPowered.