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New to MyAccount? It's free and it only takes a minute. MyAccount is even better than your old paper bill.

  • Pay your bills online immediately
  • Setup Automatic Monthly Payments
  • View your smart Meter Highlights: including the Cost to Date and your Projected Bill this month.
  • View your Energy Usage through the intelligence of your Smart Meter by day, week, month or billing cycle, including:
    • Actual Daily & Average Energy Usage
    • Daily Energy Usage with Temperature
    • Average Energy Usage by Day-of-Week
    • 15-Minute Energy Usage for detailed Analysis
    • Export all this data for your own analysis.
  • Signup for Paperless Billing
  • Signup for our Equal Payment Plan
  • Energy Alerts via email for your: Cost to Date Weekly Summary; Threshold Alerts for both dollar amounts and kWh usage.
  • See 24 months of your previous energy usage and billing history
  • Get conservation tips customized to your usage for home or business
  • Check your account status and latest payments
  • Analyze and graph your energy use
  • Moving Center: Turn On; Transfer or Turn Off your NV Energy Service
  • Find ways to save energy and money
  • See how the weather affects your usage
  • View your energy usage month to month or year to year
  • Compare your energy usage to other homes of the same size
  • Complete a detailed Energy Analysis
  • See new programs and incentives that can increase your savings

Make sure you have your NV Energy bill handy to enter your account number.

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Multi-Account Service Center
(southern Nevada only)

Now you can have direct access to your service order functions online. Query and request service orders and view order history for multiple properties all without the need to wait on the phone, stand in line or send multiple faxes.