Moving Center Help

Start Services Help

To request service at your new address:

  1. Click on Start New Service Request.
  2. From the Move Center link, enter your new address and zip code, and click Continue
  3. Sign Up for Electricity Service page will display.

    • Service Options: Select 'Establish New Service'
    • Optional Features: If you would like information about our payment options, select the optional feature you're interested in, and click Continue
  4. Complete Your Electricity Order page will display.

    • Service Information:

      • Meter Access: It is very important that our field personnel have access to your meter. Please let us know if you have a dog, if your gate is locked, or if you have an access code.
      • Requested Start Date: Choose a date when you would like your service to be turned on. The date you choose cannot be:

        • Today's date,
        • More than 60 days into the future
        • On a holiday or weekend.
    • Payment Information:

      • Bill To: Tell us the address where you would like us to send your monthly billing statements.
      • If you would like the bills sent to an address other than the address listed:

        • Click Other - Additional address fields will be provided.
        • Please enter your mailing address.
    • Customer Information:

      • Service Address: Please verify the service address.
      • Name: Please give us your first name, middle initial, and last name
      • Email Address: Please provide us with your email address. Your address is required in order to provide you with order status updates and other information about your account. Your email address is confidential and will not be shared.
      • Best Contact Phone: Please provide us with a telephone number where you may be contacted during the day. This may be a home, work, or cell number.
      • Employer Name: Please provide us with the name of your current employer.
      • Date of Birth: Please provide us with your date of birth.
      • SSN: Your Social Security Number is required when submitting an order. Your SSN is confidential and will not be shared.
      • Spouse / Roommate: Choose No or Yes. If you choose Yes, please complete the required information for your spouse or roommate
  5. Once you have entered all required information, click Submit My Order.
  6. You will receive two confirmations:

    • First, a confirmation page will display. You may print this page for your records.
    • E-mail confirmation.
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Review your information on this page.

  • If all information is correct, click SUBMIT.
  • To Cancel the Request, click CANCEL.
  • To go Back to the previous page and reenter the request, click BACK.
Start Service Step 4

This page provides a confirmation of your Start Service request.

NV Energy recommends printing this confirmation page for your records.

Once the Done button is clicked, an email confirmation will be sent to the email address provided at the time the request was submitted.

Deposit Required: Based on your credit rating with NV Energy, you may or may not be required to pay a deposit at the new address. If a deposit is required, the deposit will appear on your first bill along with the service establishment charge based on the type of meter installed at the service.

Start Service Step 4