Moving Center Help

Stop Services

Stopping Services require logging into MyAccount.

Note: There will be instances where the system may not allow you to Transfer Service via MyAccount. Please contact us in this case.

  1. Upon logging in, click on the Moving Center link on the menu located on the left side to the page.
  2. Click on the Stop Service Request link on the Moving Center page to open the NV Energy Stop Service page, Step 1 of 3

    Stop Service Step 1
    • Services to Disconnect: Electric and/or Gas. These are the services that will be disconnected.
    • Service Stop Date: The date you would like service to be turned off. The date cannot be:

      • Today's date,
      • More than 60 days into the future,
      • On a holiday or weekend
    • Meter Access: Please indicate if you have a dog, if gate is locked, or if a key (North Only) is required for access.
    • Final Bill Information: The address where you would like NV Energy to send your final billing statement. A mailing address is required even if you chose to receive your billing statements electronically.
    • Letter of Credit: The customer can indicate whether or not they need a Letter of Credit for the next utility.
  3. Click on the Next button to open the NV Energy Stop Service page, Step 2 of 3. Click the Cancel button to cancel the stop service request.

    Stop Service Step 2

    This page shows the summary of the Stop Service requests.

    • By clicking Submit, you are authorizing NV Energy to process the stop service request.
    • To Cancel the request, click Cancel.
    • To go back to the previous page and reenter the request, click Back.
  4. Upon submitting the request, the NV Energy Stop Service page, Step 3 of 3 shows.

    This page provides confirmation of the Stop Service request.

    NV Energy recommends that the customer print this confirmation page for their records.

    Once the customer clicks the Done button, an email confirmation will be sent to the email address currently stored on the customers MyAccount file.

    If the customer requested a Letter of Credit, the customer will receive an additional email

    Stop Service E-mail Confirmation