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What's New in MyAccount

We've improved MyAccount — simplifying the options for you and giving you just what you need to take control of your energy usage.


Energy Charts

We've completely redesigned our Energy Charts to be more interactive and customizable.

15 Minute Increments (TOU)

15 Minute Increments (TOU) Chart

Time of Use with Demand (Hourly)

Time of Use with Demand (Hourly) Chart

Time of Use with Demand (Week View)

Time of Use with Demand (Week View) Chart

Gas Usage Chart

Gas Usage Chart

Net Metering

Net Metering Chart

Rollover Detail on all Data

Rollover Detail on all Data Chart

Outage Maps and Notifications

With the new web tools available now on MyAccount, you'll know everything we know about your energy. NV Energy is now one of the most reliable utilities in the nation, but power outages do sometimes occur due to weather, accidents or equipment. And we want to make sure you know what we know if the power goes out, why, and an estimate of when it will be restored. Our new Outage Center can send this information right to your email, text you via SMS or give you a phone call. You can report an outage and receive updates online. And a new map feature provides statewide information that is continually updated.

The MyAccount Alert Center

Get voice, email or text alerts for cost-to-date, power outages, electricity costs and usage, payment notices and bill reminders.

We've improved our Alerts and Notifications. Now you can get alerts via SMS Text, Email or even a Phone Call. New items include Outage Notifications for your address and Payment Notices as well. We can send you a Weekly Cost to Date alert to let you know how much your bill will be at the end of the month to help you plan for those high usage times of the year. You can be notified when your power usage or dollar amount for the month goes over an amount you define.

Sign Up for MyAccount

We've made signing up for MyAccount even easier. This video will walk you though the streamlined registration process. (Please note: mobile and desktop experiences will be slightly different).