Electric Vehicles for Businesses

Commercial Time of Use Rate

NV Energy offers a special Electric Vehicle Time of Use Rate for commercial customers as well as residential customers. It allows commercial customers to pay a discounted rate if they charge electric vehicles during the utility’s off-peak hours. Time of use rates are higher during daytime and early evening hours (peak-usage) and lower during nighttime hours (off-peak).

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For Employers

What is good for employees is generally good for businesses, and electric vehicle charging stations offered at work locations can help attract and retain good employees. Additionally, charging stations available to customers can help businesses appeal to more customers and position the business as a forward-thinking concern that cares about the Nevada environment and about its customers.

For more information, please reference the DOE Workplace Charging Challenge.

For Fleet Owners

Electric vehicle plug-in technologies enable significant operational savings in the form of lower fuel and maintenance costs, compared to conventional vehicles. A recent report from the Edison Electric Institute noted that the payback period for a small four-door electric sedan was about three years. The report also suggested that fleet embracement of electric vehicles act as “rolling billboards and customer engagement tools” and helps to build goodwill among communities served.

For Dealers

Because electric vehicles provide a way to cut fuel costs by up to 75% and can reduce vehicle emissions by about one third, that information can be incentive enough to interest buyers in an electric vehicle. Additionally, NV Energy can provide supportive information about how an electric vehicle helps potential buyers qualify for lower electricity rates for all home energy use during off-peak hours.

Electric Vehicle Time of Use Brochure
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