Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles Overview photo link

Electric Vehicles Overview

Electric vehicles use electricity as their primary source of fuel or to improve the efficiency of conventional vehicle designs.

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Electric Vehicle Charging photo link

Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric Vehicles can be charged with a conventional 120 Volt household outlet, or a faster 240 Volt level 2 charging station.

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Electric Vehicle Rate

NV Energy is making it easier to own plug-in electric vehicles and to integrate them into our electricity system by offering special rates that reduce the price of electricity for electric vehicle charging and for home energy usage during off-peak hours.

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Electric Vehicles for Businesses photo link

Electric Vehicles for Business

Electric vehicles can offer benefits for employers and fleet owners. Additionally, NV Energy has general information for dealers to pass on to potential buyers who may be considering a switch to an electric vehicle.

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Electric Vehicle FAQs and Resources photo link

FAQs and Resources

Frequently Asked Questions and online resources regarding electric vehicles and NV Energy’s electric vehicle rate.

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Nevada Electric Highway photo link

Nevada Electric Highway

NV Energy and the Nevada Governor’s Office of Energy are working to electrify Nevada’s highways and facilitate the ability for electric vehicle owners to drive and charge their vehicles throughout the state.

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