The Environment



Environmental Policy Statement

NV Energy endorses effective environmental management as a core corporate value. Therefore, we operate our business such that it is compatible with long-term environmental sustainability. This culture of environmental stewardship includes operating our power plants, facilities, and equipment in a manner that complies with governmental standards and is protective of our employees and surrounding communities. Protection of human health, safety and the environment comes first in all we do, no matter how urgent the job, project or commercial interest.

We believe that sound environmental performance is a key component of sound business performance and is mandatory for our long term success. We will sustain our commitment to environmental stewardship by integrating environmental considerations into planning and decision making, conducting regular reviews of operations to identify further improvements and training employees on how to conduct their activities in an environmentally responsible manner. We are committed to continually improving environmental compliance and performance through the effective implementation of environmental management systems.

To demonstrate our commitment, we will:


  • Meet or exceed the requirements of all applicable environmental laws, regulations and permit conditions.
  • Support, encourage and enable our employees to conduct all of their activities in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Assure all employees receive training on the key environmental impacts and responsibilities associated with their individual jobs.
  • Communicate our compliance expectations to contractors, consultants and suppliers.


  • Promote the efficient use of natural resources and materials in our operations through careful planning and monitoring.
  • Minimize waste generation through efforts that include source reduction, recycling, innovation and pollution prevention.
  • Handle and dispose of wastes through safe, environmentally responsible methods.
  • Champion energy conservation measures across our operations.


  • Set credible environmental performance metrics and goals and continually evaluate our achievement against these measures.
  • Enhance environmental performance through auditing and compliance certifications and regularly report the findings to senior management.
  • Integrate environmental responsibilities and considerations into daily operations and business decision-making processes.


  • Actively identify and address emerging environmental issues.
  • Identify and seize opportunities to demonstrate environmental leadership.
  • Collaborate with regulators, agencies, industry organizations and customers to promote sound science and achieve common objectives.
  • Provide stewardship on non-operating lands and partner with environmental-minded entities on appropriate projects.