Environmental Projects

NV Energy's Laura Eubanks teaches children about safety at an Earth Day Celebration.


NV Energy's Energy Star booth at Eco Jam.


The Quail Run team finishes the trail.


Hyde Park Middle School receives its solar panel.


Pine needle waste can be used to stabilize a disturbed slope and provide a biodegradable and natural protection for seedlings that will one day return this area to its natural state.


NV Energy employee collecting seeds.

NV Energy collaborates with many environmental and community organizations to further mutual goals of improving environmental quality, protecting natural resources, retaining open spaces, and preserving biological diversity. Examples of this collaborative spirit can be found in the programs we have participated in.

Earth Day

NV Energy participates in UNLV's Earth Day Celebration. Thousands of children, parents, teachers and guests from around the valley visit exhibitor booths from organizations such as the Desert Research Institute, SNWA, Natural History Museum, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Regional Transportation Commission, Tortoise Group, Forest Service, Department of Energy and Nellis Air Force Base.

Other attendees include the City of Las Vegas, Athletic Arts Academy, the Department of Motor Vehicles, and R.C. Farms. At the event, NV Energy promotes a variety of Earth Day Themes.


EcoJam is an opportunity for NV Energy to promote environmentally conscious themes. Our Environmental team has worked with customers to teach them how NV Energy works to reduce environmental impacts of construction and maintenance of transmission, distribution and generation facilities. Our Energy Efficiency and Conservation team offer information on Energy StarĀ® and our GreenPower Program. Our Communications team provides earth-friendly fun, and electrical safety information for children. Fun includes baking cookies with a sun oven and the demonstration of an electric bicycle.

Quail Run Trail

NV Energy and the Friends of the Desert Wetlands Park completed one of the final steps of a 2,300-foot trail at the Clark County Wetlands Park. Volunteers from both NV Energy and FDWP cleaned the new Quail Run Trail area and raked and shoveled rocks into place. The joint project provides Clark County residents with an attraction to enjoy for years to come.

Fish Protection

NV Energy works with agencies like U.S. Fish and Game to ensure native fish like the cut-throat trout have a healthy and sustainable environment.


NV Energy, the Desert Research Institute, and the DRI Research Foundation continue to promote renewable energy at local schools. The goal of the GreenPower Program is to demonstrate renewable technologies by installing solar and wind generation equipment and providing a math- and science-focused curriculum for seventh and eighth graders. The DRI Research Foundation currently administers NV Energy's GreenPower Program whereby NV Energy customers can make tax-deductible donations that are invested in the construction of solar electric and wind generation and corresponding educational programs.

Revegitation Efforts

NV Energy created an erosion control plan using pine needles as mulching material for re-vegetation of a power line right-of-way in the Lake Tahoe Basin. NV Energy salvaged tons of pines needles collected from the paved roads in the Tahoe area. The needles, previously destined for the landfill, were instead rerouted to help mulch the area of concern. The needles were baled and spread by helicopter over the previously seeded dirt road surface. The result: mulch and protection for the seed and an improved appearance for the impacted area.

Restoration Seed Harvest

NV Energy conducted a Restoration Seed Harvest in which our Environmental Services department provided research support to the Bureau of Land Management in order to develop restoration plans for energy projects on public lands.

Several innovative approaches to land restoration were tested during the southern Nevada Centennial Project, a major NV Energy infrastructure project which will bring more power to the Las Vegas Valley and improve the reliability of our system. Centennial's 100 miles of new transmission lines cross many sensitive environments that make up the southern Nevada desert.

To harvest the seed for the project, NV Energy employees, in cooperation with the BLM, collected seeds from local plants. Locally collected seed is believed to be better for the land and is less expensive to procure.