How To Apply



Submit an application online using: PowerClerk Application Website

You can also us Powerclerk to check the status and an existing application anytime.



The RenewableGenerations application process is a two-step process.

1 - Applicants submit a program application to receive a funding reservation. All applications are submitted through PowerClerk.

2 - When a participant finishes their project, they submit an incentive claim package in order to receive their incentive check.

It is important that you submit a complete application and incentive claim package. Work closely with your contractor to accuracy complete the online forms and to submit the required documents.

Before You Apply

There are several important steps that NV Energy suggests you completed prior to installing a renewable energy system or submitting an application for a RenewableGenerations incentive.

Important Preparation Steps

Energy Efficiency First

Verify Program Status

Do Your Research

Read The Program Handbook

Find A Contractor

Talk To Your Tax Advisor



Have You Increased the Energy Efficiency of Your Home or Property?

NV Energy recommends that before you consider installing a renewable energy system you first consider increasing the energy efficiency of your property. By undertaking low cost improvements, such as replacing incandescent with fluorescent lighting, you can significantly lower your electric bill. Reducing your usage through energy efficiency and conservation may also reduce the size and cost of the renewable energy system you need to install.

Visit NV Energy’s Home Energy Savings web-page to learn how to stay comfortable in your home or business while reducing your energy costs with NV Energy energy efficiency programs,

Have You Done Your Research?

The decision to install a renewable energy system can be a large financial and logistical commitment. NV Energy recommends you carefully investigate and learn about renewable energy systems before you submit an application. Knowing how much a system may cost, where it will go, what permits will be necessary, and what it will look like are some of the questions that renewable energy contractors and consultants can help answer. 

Do You Have a Contractor?

The RenewableGenerations incentive program requires that all projects eligible to receive an incentive be installed by a properly licensed contractor. How to find a contractor.

Have You Talked To Your Tax Advisor?

In addition to NV Energy’s RenewableGenerations incentive, you may be eligible for a federal tax credit. Talk to your tax advisor to learn more.

Have You Read The Incentive Program Handbook?

The program handbook outlines the steps needed to successfully complete the RenewableGenerations incentive program application, installation and approval process. NV Energy suggests that you carefully read the program handbook prior to submitting an applications.

Verify Incentive Program Status

Check the status for the incentive program you would like to apply for prior to submitting an application to ensure the program is currently open and accepting applications.

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