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The incentive claim process is the final step you will take to officially complete your project and to request your incentive check. It is important that you and your contractor understand the incentive claim process. Failure to submit a complete incentive claim package will delay your incentive payment.

Even if you have designated your contractor or someone else to receive the incentive payment and even if your contractor is handling all the paperwork, customers still need to sign some of the final documents. 

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Incentive Claim Process

Incentive Claim Process Steps

Required Documents

Post Inspections

What Causes Delays?

Incentive Process Steps

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Documents Required for Claim Package 

(See complete details in your program handbook)

- Incentive Claim Form

- Final itemized invoices for materials, equipment, and labor (Sample Invoice)

- Satisfied building permit

- Public Display Compliance Form (Schools and Public and Other Property applicants)

- Signed net metering agreement

IMPORTANT NOTE - Accuracy and thoroughness of documents is critical.

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Post Inspections 

(See complete details in your program handbook)

- Program post inspection

- Net metering verification

Upon receipt of a complete incentive claim package, NV Energy will conduct a post inspection to verify the information contained in the incentive claim package and ensure compliance with net metering standards. If the system does not pass a post inspection, NV Energy will contact the Host Customer and installer to resolve the issue. A re-inspection may be necessary after the correction is made. If a post inspection is successful, NV Energy will schedule a net metering verification and meter set. If the system passes the net metering verification and the net meter is installed, NV Energy will issue the incentive check within 30 days.

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Causes of Incentive Claim Delays

- Not submitting claim package immediately after project is finished

- Incomplete paperwork in the claim package

- Missing signatures

- Incomplete invoices

- Equipment on paperwork doesn’t match equipment entered in Power Clerk

- Post inspections fail – requires re-inspection after issues are corrected

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