Net Metering Update

Today the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada approved our grandfathering proposal that will place eligible net metering customers on previous net metering rules and rates for 20 years.

September 16, 2016

NV Energy will be reaching out directly to our customers who are eligible for grandfathering in the next few weeks to provide information as to what, if any, next steps they need to take regarding either their installed system or application.

Following is a statement on today's decision from Paul Caudill, NV Energy President and CEO:

"The grandfathering tariff NV Energy filed in July 2016 was the most efficient and timely way to implement Governor Sandoval's New Energy Industry Taskforce recommendation to grandfather the existing net metering customers in question. The Public Utilities Commission of Nevada's decision today is fair for this set of existing net metering customers, and at the same time reinforces the clear path forward they established in February 2016 for those considering rooftop solar in the future. I sincerely appreciate the efforts of the Commission regulatory operations staff, the consumer advocate, and SolarCity for joining NV Energy in this settlement agreement, which expedites the process on behalf of our customers."