SolarGenerations Heating

Give your water heater the day off.

Solar water heating

Solar hot water systems use the warmth of the sun to heat water circulating through solar collectors. The heated water is stored in a water heater or tank to be used before your traditional water heater ever needs to kick in. Solar hot water systems help you lower energy usage and reduce monthly bills while conserving natural resources and protecting the environment.

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Let the sun shine in.

Solar space heating

Solar space heating systems use the sun's energy to heat water or air circulating through solar collectors and transfer the heat into an interior space. When the sun is not enough, your conventional furnace or boiler will provide heat. By offsetting energy used by a furnace or boiler, you're increasing energy efficiency and lowering your heating bills.

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Dive into a warm pool.

Solar pool heating (non-residential customers only)

Solar pool heating systems run cool pool water through solar collectors to cleanly and efficiently warm your water with the sun's energy. A traditional pool heater will only take over if the sun isn't available. Many business types, including schools, hotels, resorts and health clubs, can save energy and thousands in overhead costs by investing in a solar pool heating system.

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