SolarGenerations Heating

Our incentives have you covered.

SolarGenerations incentives help lower the cost of installing a solar heating system. Incentives can cover up to 50% of your new system installation, in addition to what you'll save on monthly energy costs (and this doesn't even include potential federal tax credits that can cover an additional 30% of your system costs).

Review the information below to see which program is right for you, and then find an eligible contractor. who will apply online on your behalf with NV Energy.

Customer Type Heating Fuel Source Solar System Type Incentive Amount
Residential Natural Gas Water or Space Up to $3,000
Small Business Natural Gas Water, Space or Pool Up to $7,500
School Natural Gas Water, Space or Pool Up to $30,000
Public/Nonprofit Natural Gas Water, Space or Pool Up to $30,000

Helping handbook.

The SolarGenerations Heating Program Handbook is the definitive guide to all program rules. The handbook will guide your selected contractor through the incentive application and claims process.