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Windmills have been used in farming and ranching communities for centuries to mill grain and pump water for animals and crops. Today they’re making a comeback as modern wind turbines generating electricity for both rural and urban areas. Through its WindGenerations program, NV Energy offers one time cash incentives to NV Energy customers who install small wind systems.

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Program Status How do Wind Turbines work?
Program Handbook Benefits of Wind Energy
How To Apply Wind Resource Tools
Legislation & Regulation Wind Assessment Tools
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Program Status: The program is OPEN and accepting applications.

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Program Handbook

The program handbook includes complete details as to how to apply for an incentive and successfully complete the incentive claim process. Please read and understand the program handbook prior to submitting an application for a incentive.

WindGenerations Program Handbook

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How do Wind Turbines Work?

Wind turbines generate electricity by using large blades to harness the power of the wind.  When the wind blows, the blades turn, driving a turbine which generates electricity. The stronger and more consistent the wind, the more potential for electricity production.

Benefits of Wind Energy

  • Wind is a free renewable energy source and with modern technology it can be captured efficiently.
  • Wind turbines operate without creating greenhouse gases or other pollutants.
  • Wind turbines are available in a range of types and sizes, meeting the needs of a variety of customers, from single households to agricultural property owners.
  • Energy generated by a wind system can be used to offset your energy use, resulting in lower monthly power bills. 

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Wind Links

Legislation & Regulation

The solar PV, wind, hydro, and gas solar thermal incentive programs are governed by state laws in the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS). The Public Utilities Commission of Nevada creates administrative rules for the programs in the Nevada Administrative Code (NAC).

NRS 701B

NAC 701B, 2013 Modifications

Wind Resource Tools

Nevada Wind Map

Wind Assessment Tools

AWS Truepower
3 Tier First Look

Eligible Equipment List

To be eligible for an incentive in the WindGenerations program, turbines must meet one of the following requirements:

A. Turbines smaller than 200 m2 (swept area) must be listed by the Interstate Turbine Advisory Council (ITAC).

B. Turbines larger than 200 m2 (swept area) must be listed by the Interstate Turbine Advisory Council (ITAC), or have an IEC 61400-12 (power curve) certification provided.

Refurbished or re-manufactured turbines are eligible for an incentive if they meet A or B above and are comprised of not more than 20% refurbished components by total system value, with at least 80% of the system value being new components. The applicant or manufacturer must provide an independent accountant’s certification or other appropriate documentation that validates that the turbine meets this standard.

NV Energy reserves the right to suspend turbines from eligibility for the program should that turbine demonstrate a pattern of failure or unreliability. NV Energy may also suspend the use of any specific turbine list should that list itself be suspended by the issuing authority.

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Additional Financial Resources

Nevada Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency
Federal Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency
IRS Tax Form 5695 - Residential Energy Efficient Property Credit
IRS Tax Form 3468 - Investment Credit
US Treasury Grants in Lieu of Tax Credit
Section 136 US Tax Code: Energy Conservation Subsidies Provided by Public Utilities
Renewable Energy for Farmers
USDA Income and Property Eligibility

Nevada State Office of Energy

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