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Through our RenewableGenerations program, customers can earn rebates for installing solar, wind, and other renewable technologies at their homes or businesses.

You can view interactive statistical map of Renewable Generations solar projects here.

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Renewable Energy Growth Benefits Customers

NV Energy customers continue to benefit from one of the most diverse renewable energy portfolios in the nation. Currently, customers are benefitting from 20 geothermal projects, nine solar projects and about a dozen wind, biomass, hydro and waste heat renewable energy projects.

2015 is promising to be an important growth year for solar energy, as three significant new solar projects are expected to be operational this year. In August, the 19.5-megawatt solar field in northern Nevada came on line. It is being operated by NV Energy, and Apple, Inc., is applying the renewable portfolio credits and using the approved Green Rate to offset energy consumed at their Northern Nevada data center. Later in 2015, the 110-megawatt Crescent Dunes solar project and 15-megawatt Nellis Solar Array II projects are scheduled to achieve commercial operation.

More NV Energy customers also have been taking advantage of renewable energy incentives in the past year than any previous year in the history of the company. NV Energy has provided more than $225 million in special incentives for rooftop solar installations and solar water heating.

All of these combined efforts resulted in NV Energy being named among the top 10 utilities that integrated the most megawatts of solar energy in the United States in 2014 by the Solar Electric Power Association.