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Frequently Asked Questions
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NGR Tariff

Northern Nevada customers can now choose to go green by participating in the Northern NV Green Energy Choice.

The Northern NV Green Energy Choice offers you the option of using 100 percent or 50 percent renewable energy by electing to pay an additional amount on your monthly bill (based on your usage).

You must fill out a request form (print and mail this PDF to participate in the program. The monthly amount will be listed on monthly bills as the NV Green Energy Rider (NGR).

The Northern NV Green Energy Choice requires a minimum commitment of 12 months, or until service on a customer account is discontinued. You will receive a renewal notice for additional 12-month periods. (see Terms & Conditions)

Commercial customers (GS-2 or higher) may also participate through negotiated terms, which are subject to approval by the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada.

How Much Will it Cost Me?

Enter your typical kWh that you use in any given month and you'll see an example of your bill amount below.

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*NOTE: The above amounts reflect charges experienced in Washoe County, Other counties may have different local government fees and/or surcharges. In addition, these amounts do not take into account any miscellaneous service charges such as new connection charges or late fees, nor does it include gas charges. For a more detailed example of your northern Nevada bill please visit our Calculate Your Northern Nevada Bill page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact for additional information?
NVE Customer Service:  775-834-4444

Mailing Address:
NV Green Energy Rate
P.O. Box 10100
Mail Station S1A35
Reno, Nevada  89520-0024

How do I enroll?
To enroll, you must complete either an electronic or written request form and you must designate the level at which you want to participate.

What are the participation levels?
You may elect to contract for 50 percent or 100 percent of your monthly consumption to be billed under the Northern NV Green Energy Choice.

Is there a minimum term?
The minimum term is twelve months, or until your service is discontinued, whichever occurs first.  To continue after the initial twelve month term, you must renew for an additional twelve month period. 

How will I be billed?
The NGR rate will be listed as a separate line item on your monthly NV Energy electricity bill.  This charge is in addition to your regular electricity bill.

What is the rate?
The rate is an additional kWh charge that is updated quarterly. As of July 2013, the rate is $.04209 per kWh.

When will I be billed?
Billings under the Northern NV Green Energy Choice will be effective one billing cycle after a completed request form is submitted by you.

How much will my total electricity service cost under the Northern NV Green Energy Choice?
The typical single-family residential customer using 746 kilowatts per month will see an increase of $31.40 under the 100% option or $15.70 under the 50% option.

The typical multi-family residential customer using 445 kilowatts per month will see an increase of $18.73 under the 100% option or $9.37 under the 50% option.

Will the rate change over time?
The rate will change every quarter and is based on current Nevada Public Utility Commission approved tariffs.

How do I renew my enrollment?
Simply complete the electronic or written request form.

Will I be notified that my enrollment needs to be renewed?
You will receive a reminder in your monthly billing that you need to renew your enrollment by re-submitting the enrollment form.

What fuel sources will be used for this product?
The Northern NV Green Energy Choice blend includes on average: geothermal (85%), solar (10%), and hydro (5%), subject to change based on availability.

Where will my Green Energy come from?
Your Green Energy will be delivered from one of NV Energy’s committed renewable energy facilities (geothermal, solar, hydro or biomass), all of which are currently located in Nevada.  Some portion of the renewable energy from these facilities is used to meet NV Energy’s current renewable energy requirements. With the Green Energy Rate program, you will buy additional renewable energy in excess of that required amount.  Since these amounts cannot be used to comply with NV Energy’s renewable requirements in future years, your purchase will help to develop new Nevada renewable projects sooner.  Learn more here about NV Energy’s current renewable projects.

How will I know that the Northern NV Green Energy Choice is using renewable energy for Green Energy Choice customers like me?
Each year (by April 1), the Company files a Compliance Report for all of its renewable energy efforts.  As part of that filing, NV Energy will spell out how much renewable energy is purchased by customers in the new Green Energy Choice program.  Electricity can only be called “renewable” by NV Energy if it is certified by the State of Nevada and meets the requirements of law, resulting in a portfolio credit (equal to one kilowatt-hour of electricity).  Those credits will be retired on behalf of all NV Green Energy Choice customers in the annual Compliance Report (equal to the commitment level for those customers) and will not be able to be used by any other person or company.