Thinking About Solar

Solar Panel

Thinking of installing solar for your home or business? NV Energy welcomes your interest in customer-generated electricity also called distributed generation. We want to help reduce your energy bill — and your carbon footprint — with solar and renewable energy.

Our goal is to make the process of connecting to our system easy to understand while protecting the safety, reliability and operability of the electric grid.

Consider the Source

Traditional versus Customer-Owned Generation Explained in a handy infographic. view larger >>

Infographic - Traditional vs. Customer-Owned Generation

Understand the Process

With all the hype out there right now about going green and adding renewable energy to your home or business, we wanted to give you some things to think about and also give you some information that might be helpful in deciding if you want to utilize renewable energy. read more about the process >>

Net Metering

Net metering allows you to use the energy generated by your renewable energy system to offset your monthly power bill. Any NV Energy customer who installs a renewable energy system may be eligible for Net Metering. learn more about Net Metering >>

Solar Incentives

Solar power is the result of converting sunlight into electricity. It's clean, sustainable, and getting more efficient all the time. NV Energy offers incentives to customers for installing approved photovoltaic systems. Our Solar PV incentive program (SolarGenerations) is now accepting applications. See all of our Solar Incentives >>