Solar Incentives

About The Program

Solar power is the result of converting sunlight into electricity. It's clean, sustainable, and getting more efficient all the time. NV Energy offers incentives to customers for installing approved photovoltaic systems.



Available Incentives


*EPBB / Watt
**PBI / kWh
Public, Low Income, and Non-Profit $0.49 $0.0527
Residential, Commercial, and Industrial $0.245 $0.0264


Solar Electric Steps


To view current program step progress, click here.


The SolarGenerations program is in the last step towards the Nevada Legislature goal of 250 megawatts of installed capacity for the program. The program also has an incentive budget spending limit set by the Nevada Legislature.


Average Installation Costs


SolarGenerations Average Installations Costs

System Size Per Watt
0-25 kW $  4.53
25.001-500 kW $  2.83


The program is OPEN and accepting applications. Learn how To Apply.

Program Handbook

The SolarGenerations incentive program is very popular and highly scrutinized by the Public Utilities Commission. Program rules make the program work smoothly and successfully.

SolarGenerations Handbook (revised July 2017)



Links & Resources

Legislation & Regulation

The solar PV, wind, hydro, and gas solar thermal incentive programs are governed by state laws in the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS). The Public Utilities Commission of Nevada creates administrative rules for the programs in the Nevada Administrative Code (NAC).

NRS 701B

NAC 701B

Approved Equipment List

To ensure payment of the highest possible incentive to current applicants, NV Energy will use values from the CEC list of eligible PV modules that was active when the application was submitted.  Current applicants will be eligible for any equipment that was on the CEC list at the time of their application.

CEC approved list of photovoltaic modules.
CEC approved list of inverters

Solar Calculators

PV Watts Performance Calculator

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