Northern NV Green Energy Choice Terms & Conditions

Sierra Pacific Power Company d/b/a NV Energy offers a GreenEnergy Rate, in conjunction with any of the Utility’s rate schedules for the purchase of electricity, to Customers who choose to participate.  Subscription under the Rate is limited to the first 250,000 megawatt hours annually.

A Customer participating in the Rate shall be responsible for all charges and rates specified in the Customer’s otherwise applicable rate schedule.  In addition, the Customer shall be responsible for the Nevada GreenEnergy Rider (“NGR”) Rate or the Renewable Resource Rate, whichever is applicable.  The minimum charge for service will be the sum of the Minimum Charge specified in the Customer’s otherwise applicable rate schedule, plus the monthly charge for either the NGR Rate or the Renewable Resource rate.

Enrollment Requirements

Option 1 Service | Residential and Non-Residential Customers:

In order to enroll in the NV GreenEnergy Rate, you must be an active NV Energy customer, have an eligible account, log in or register for “MyAccount” at, and follow the instructions to register your account or submit a written request form to register your account for the Rate and designate the level of participation, either 50 percent or 100 percent of your monthly electric energy consumption.  You agree that the information you provide to NV Energy can go through a verification process.  It is your sole responsibility to ensure that your contact information and user profile listed in “MyAccount” or on the written request form are current and accurate.  This includes, but is not limited to, name(s), address, phone number(s), email address(es) and account numbers.  Changes can be made within your user profile online through “MyAccount.”  NV Energy is not responsible and shall have no liability for any processing errors or fees incurred if you do not provide accurate account or contact information.  

Your enrollment in the GreenEnergy Rate and/or agreement to these Terms and Conditions does not alter your liability or obligations that currently exist between you and NV Energy concerning your utility usage or other utility-related service.  None of the provisions in these Terms and Conditions supersede, modify or in any way mitigate your obligation to be bound by and comply with all applicable tariffs, rules or regulations related to your utility service.

Customers who enroll will see the amount charged for the NV GreenEnergy Rate on their bill one full billing cycle after NV Energy accepts their completed request form.

Option 2 Service | Medium General Service (GS-2) or Higher Non-Residential Customers:

A commercial customer on the Medium General Service (GS-2) or higher rate schedule may enter into a special contract which provides for dedication of a new or existing renewable resource with power owned or procured by NV Energy dedicated to a specific customer.  Such customer will be responsible for all of the costs associated with such contract up to a specified energy amount not to exceed the Customer’s total energy consumption, which shall be calculated on a kilowatt-hour basis and added to the Customer’s otherwise applicable rate.  The special contract will require Public Utilities Commission of Nevada (PUCN) approval and must demonstrate benefits to the Customer, NV Energy and non-participating Customers.  Energy produced under a special contract, can, but is not required to, be counted towards the 250,000 MWh cap. The inclusion of the specisal contract towards the 250,000 MWh cap will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Please contact your Major Account Executive if you are interested in Option 2 Service.


Option 1 Service:

The NGR rate per kilowatt-hour charge which applies to the billings for Option 1 Customers is calculated quarterly based on the average price of Renewable Energy for the most recent twelve months ending June 30 compared to each quarterly Base Tariff Energy Rate ("BTER"). NV Energy will calculate the average kilowatt-hour cost of Renewable Energy and subtract the BTER and the Temporary Renewable Energy Development ("TRED") charge from the average kilowatt-hour cost of Renewable energy to establish the NGR Rate. The NGR Rate will be recalculated each quarter when the BTER is updated.

Option 2 Service:

The Renewable Resource Rate which applies to Option 2 Customers shall reflect all of the costs associated with a specific renewable energy facility and stated on a kilowatt-hour basis.  If the Renewable Resource Rate for an existing resource is less than the NGR Rate, then the Renewable Resource Rate will be the same as the NGR Rate.

Minimum Term

Option 1 Service:

The minimum term is twelve months, or until service at the Customer’s account is discontinued, whichever occurs first.  After the initial twelve months, service under the GreenEnergy Rate shall be renewed by the Customer for an additional twelve month period.  If the Customer does not renew their GreenEnergy Rate service, then the Customer’s enrollment will automatically end after the twelve month period.

NV Energy will notify the Customer that their enrollment will expire and the Customer will re-submit an enrollment form to continue participation in the GreenEnergy Rate.

Option 2 Service:

Customers under Option 2 Service will have a negotiated term as one of the provisions of the required, PUCN-approved agreement.

Renewable Resource Energy Credits

The renewable energy credits offered under the GreenEnergy Rate shall be generated or produced by a Renewable Energy System as defined by NRS 704.7815.  For every Customer who subscribes to service under the GreenEnergy Rate, NV Energy shall first retire renewable energy credits in compliance with Nevada’s Renewable Portfolio Standard.  Then, NV Energy shall retire the difference between the amount of energy purchased for the GreenEnergy Rate and the Renewable Portfolio Standard (“RPS”). The Renewable Energy Credits offered and retired by NV Energy under the GreenEnergy Rate will be procured during the most recent twelve month period and will not include any demand side management portfolio energy credits (“PECS”).